Protecting Your Asset

Protecting your asset starts with finding the right tenant.

Quickly following up on maintenance requests not only keeps the tenant happy but also will keep the property from getting that “rental” look.  We will advise our owners on what items should be repaired versus replaced, deferred versus immediate. We are able to maintain a proper balance between tenant loyalty and maximizing income.

Protecting your asset becomes even more important when the property inevitably goes vacant. Quickly scheduling a make-ready and preparing the property for showings will reduce the time a property sits vacant and is less likely to be vandalized.

Protecting your asset also means using experienced repair and maintenance professionals. Most real estate offices offering property management must subcontract every repair… from a running toilet to a leaky roof.  Gem Realty maintains two full-time repair and maintenance professionals. Both have 15 years of experience in building new homes and renovating homes from the ground up.  This experience allows us to quickly and correctly diagnose problems and fix them right the first time.

Not only can we save you money by not having to hire a full service plumber to fix that leaky toilet but will protect your asset by ensuring your home is maintained properly.