Maximize Income

To fully maximize your income, we find residents who pay on time, help to maintain the home, and create long-term relationships. How do we do this?

We carefully screen residents by looking at job history, past and current rental history, credit scores, criminal check, and previous evictions.

  • We call and speak with their current job supervisor.
  • We call current and past landlords.
  • We scrutinize credit reports by checking for delinquencies and charges off with an extra emphasis on utility providers. If there late paying their electric bill they probably are going to be late paying the rent.
  • We run criminal background checks.
  • We check the civil court records for previous evictions.

Tenant loyalty is key

  • Tenant loyalty is fostered by timely responding to their requests. Most legitimate maintenance requests are responded to within 48 hours. HVAC, sewer clogs and water leaks are responded to same day or next day.
  • Tenant loyalty is further fostered by maintaining “mutual” respect. We will always treat a tenant with respect even in the process of collecting past due rent and late fees.
  • Tenant loyalty helps foster a long term relationship which will maximize your income stream by lowering vacancies and make ready costs.

Pricing your rental

We will price your rental to maximize your income. Your rental rate will be at the upper end of the market. However, we like to offer a slightly reduced rent for leases longer than 1 year. Remember, to maximize the return on your investments, you want a long-term tenant.